Ladies Facilities

In the Ladies Health Suite, guests can enjoy unlimited use of the laconium, with its gentle heat, the aromatic steam room with essential oils and crystal steam room with eucamint to stimulate the circulation and promote well-being. You will also discover the ice fountain, where an invigorating rub with ice will awaken your senses and firms the skin. A blast in one of the two experience showers will complete your spa experience.

Pregnant ladies can enjoy our 25m swimming pool, exercise studio and the laconium, which is a very gentle heat of 65 degrees and won’t leave you feeling overheated. To complement try a blast in the experience shower.

Aromatic Steam Room

As the room heats up gently to a temperature of 45°c and a humidity of 90-100%, blood circulation is gently stimulated. This is a deeply purifying and detoxifying process.

As you inhale deeply, the steam blended with fresh aroma of essence will start you perspiring. 15 to 20 minutes is the ideal length of time followed by a refreshing shower and a 20 to 30 minute rest.


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